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A scene from River Deep Fountain High.
The Elevations and Depressions of a Local Radio Presenter : A comic strip following the morose and meandering mind of a miserable soul ~ in an underground biographical comix style. It first appeared in Sliced Quarterly.

Guess the title of the movie, play or book.
Click to download a PDF of Spoiler Alert.
SPOILER ALERT! : Cartoons depicting the climactic point of various movies, plays and books. Can you the guess the titles? The answers are revealed on the reverse of each cartoon.

A scene from GOLDiLUX.
Click to download a PDF of The Comic Pros & Cons of Comic Cons.
The COMIC PROS & CONS of COMIC CONS : a series of cartoons about the failures and successes in the world of cosplay.

Some animals from Alphabet Zoo.
Click to download a PDF of Alphabet Zoo.
Alphabet Zoo : an illustrated Children's Book ~ a poetical tour through the animal world from aardvark to the inevitable zebra.

A scene from GOLDiLUX.
Click to download a PDF of GOLDiLUX.
GOLDiLUX : A sci-fi underground comix style adaptation of Shakespeare & Middleton's Timon of Athens.

Some scenes from Donna Chaotic.
Click to download a PDF of Donna Chaotic.
Donna Chaotic : a gloomy goth girl's existential daydreams ~ a comic strip in the classic three-panel tradition. It first appeared in Sorted? magazine.

Some more scenes from Donna Chaotic.
Click to download a PDF of Donna Chaotic.
Donna Chaotic : further metaphysical musings from a young gothette.

A scene from gothINK.
Click to download a PDF of gothINK.
gothINK : Vincenzo questions his sanity as he begins to experience strange goings-on in the sleepy seaside town of Termoli... his tattoos have come to life! It first appeared in the Big Book of Small Press.

A scene from Wild Strawberries.
Click to download a PDF of Wild Strawberries.
Wild Strawberries : a British squat punk meets Latino-American glamourpuss and spends an evening doing nothing and everything in a doomed romance. It appeared in the Satyr Comic.

A scene from Blackbird.
Click to download a PDF of Blackbird and a gothINK Gallery.
Blackbird, Ménage à Toast & other 'toons by Bee Bop ~ an affair gets hot and toastie in a strip that first apeared in the WTF!? comic. Also in the gallery, squatpunk band CrowZone play the Funeral Parlour and God gets a complaint.

Bee Bop Biog

An impecunious artist with a track record of being unjustly unsuccessful (quite why the universe fails to recognise my brilliance is beyond me), I draw comic strips, create animations and play bass with squatpunk band the CRiminals of EVolution. I spend my time wishing I had more time to sketch and ink my doodles; further “wastes” of time include being father to three charming odd-balls and husband to a goth witch who cosplays at comic-cons. I currently reside on the British south-coast in a small town called Bognor Regis (which is Latin for Royal Toilet).

Bee Bop
Bee Bop ~ 'toons and doodles galore.

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Thank you for visiting gothINK.

Thank you for visiting gothINK.

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